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Not the only change, the mobile site got bloated and slow in the last year.

All community/social changes aside, the site has gotten worse from a usability perspective as they increased their headcount.

This is the most predictable pattern in our industry.

You can still access the old site by using i.reddit.com or adding .compact to any url: https://www.reddit.com/.compact

Thanks. The mobile site has a banner that takes up a lot of the screen advertising their app. I don't want their app, and I can't dismiss the advert. Still, it's saved me wasting time browsing.

There is a twinge of irony in mentioning "wasting time browsing" reddit. :)

(And yes, I realize the inherent irony in pointing that out here as well.)

Why don't you want the app?

It's a website, I already have an app for that, it's my web browser. No desire to spend my limited phone storage space on something I can just use my web browser for.

I prefer the information density on the old web version and don't like the inline images. I'm mainly on subs where it's just text.

Tabs. Loading on mobile still takes a second or two. Tabs help with this. All those native apps usually staring at blank screen half the time. And I have 4g and top of the line phone.

The new version of the mobile web app has this issue too, where comments take ages to load. Older phone but 4g too.

Yes it can be dismissed. There's a link that says "No thanks", doesn't it appear for you?

No - up to date iOS on iPhone 5s.

That's weird. I have a 5s as well. And it appears.


Maybe it's your ad blocker?

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