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I think the more appropriate analogy is "shit filter."

I really appreciate project managers that know when the customer is full of shit and can filter that out from our discussions, keeping me and my colleagues focused on the things that actually matter.

On the other hand, when I did front-end work, I was really annoyed that the management would keep the secrets of customer feedback to themselves and only let through the things that aligned with their own "vision." Honest feedback and actual usability testing never seemed to be something that the higher-ups cared about; they simply wanted to go through the motions. I wished they could just let some of this information through.

I think the more appropriate analogy is "shit filter."

The article specifically mentions the difference between shit "funnels" (or filters) and shit umbrellas. Shit is shit, there's no good amount, other than zero, that it's good for engineers to have rain down on them. If there's anything of importance in the shit a good manager's job is to fish it out, wash it off, and pass that on to their engineers.

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