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> I'd have assumed you'd run into some kind of doppler shift issues going that speed unless you were pretty far away from the launch site.

Doppler shift might come into play if the rocket went much faster, but Mach 1 just isn't that fast compared to the speed of light. A quick calculation suggests that a 2.4GHz signal would get shifted by ~3kHz. Wifi isn't that sensitive.

> Why bother with a TCP/IP link, though? Seems like a less verbose protocol would be a better choice to use to get a simple data stream from your rocket to ground control.

We used UDP/IP for telemetry data (and had almost no packet loss). TCP/IP did allow us to SSH to the (Linux-powered) rocket for debugging, though.

I stand corrected.

Also, being able to SSH into a rocket is pretty fucking awesome on it's own. :)

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