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Lack of privacy and security? It's public radio communication. What exactly do you expect?

My expectation of any communication channel is that it allows true anonymity & strong encryption.

You have the wrong expectation of amateur radio then. It's about as anonymous as two friends going to a park and yelling loudly to each other.

Encryption is also not allowed by law, since it's public spectrum. Allowing encryption would be akin to allowing somebody to just build a structure in the middle of a public park. That takes away usable recreational area from other people.

Last I checked public parks by default allow anonymity and the exchange of encrypted messages in public.

Further, allowing anonymity & strong encryption on amateur radio is possible.

If you're claiming there's a difference somehow in the use of spectrum bandwidth, I'm not seeing it; meaning even with anonymity and strong encryption it would be possible to manage bandwidth abuse.

Yeah, the park analogy kind of breaks down a bit with radio, but the point is, ham radio is not for the people that want to discreetly pass coded messages on slips of paper to another person in the park. It's a medium for the guy with the megaphone telling people to evacuate due to imminent threats.

In any case, it's the same argument for not allowing automobiles on walking paths: sure, it'd probably work, but it sort of takes the fun and utility out of it for other people. Encrypted messages converted to sound for transmission over the air sounds horrible, and for somebody that's scanning through the band, landing on that monstrosity is very unpleasant. Also,if you are transmitting encrypted traffic, you are by definition doing so at the exclusion of every other ham; they can't know what you're transmitting, and they can't transmit there. Plus, ham bands are 100% noncommercial, so there's also no way to enforce that rule.

The purpose of the ham bands is not for you to pass your tinfoil wrapped messages to other similarly paranoid people. If you want that, use unlicensed spectrum. You can pass whatever kind of traffic you want there, assuming you're not causing interference.

Properties which both have to be built on top of the raw communications medium. Amateur radio is as private and secure as a basic TCP connection is, which is to say that it's not on its own but is ready to have additional protocols built on top that give you additional properties.

As has been stated elsewhere on this page, it is explicitly prohibited to do as you describe. For the private part, at any rate.

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