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I would be interested in a repo or post about your setup for the actual project; downloading, storing and using blockchain data. Sounds super interesting so if it(article, repo, site) isn't private & exists, would be keen. Cheers.

Not the poster, but I did some benchmarks with embedded databases and Python if you're interested in completely useless, unscientific data:


The project itself an alternative bitcoin full node, one of the few (along with btcd, bitcoinj, etc), and the only one that runs in the browser: http://bcoin.io/browser.html. I've posted it here before but no one seemed to be interested.

It's probably not good if you want to index anything more than addresses, but you could easily modify it to index other things if you wanted to. The actual blockchain database resides here: https://github.com/bcoin-org/bcoin/blob/coinviews5/lib/bcoin...

^ That's the current branch I'm working on which, as it happens, optimizes a lot of the storage of utxos. Before, it was storing them the messy bitcoinj way. Now it uses coin viewpoints similar to bitcoind and btcd.

this is super awesome, starred the repo. thanks!

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