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This was a useful and informative post.

Where on earth do you think the author is asking for a 'pat on the back' in this?

Where was the useful information? I don't like negative comments as much as the next person, and have written many posts about Sqlite...

I'm glad the author of beet uses Sqlite, but to use a client/server database system would be ludicrous!

It's not that I am trying to hate on the guy, he had good intentions and wanted other people to listen up.

At the end of the day, though, dudes just another dev who made a reasonable decision. Bfd.

The entire thing reeks of self-congratulation on how smart he is for not engaging in "premature-optimization" for using a embedded database engine...as the database engine embedded in an single-user application.

You say it is useful, I find it bizarre.

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