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I'm a long time user and lover of SQLite, since way back when. Use it in a lot of our projects (web and Win32) that require local databases for logging etc.

Sure for larger or concurrent user access to a db, we use other databases, but nothing beats the 'zero footprint' install of SQLite. I even enjoyed the fact that earlier versions of SQLite forced me to think optimise my queries due to the lack of nested SELECTs.

SQLite still kind of reminds me of my early days in MySQL. I was recently trying to downgrade MySQL 5.7 to 5.6 after a slew of issues, which forced me to reminisce about how simple things used to be when MySQL was a lot like SQLite still is now...

I find that Firebird has been pretty nice as well, with the option to move from embedded to server.

And much overlooked. It doesn't get half the love it deserves. While it could do with some work around making the sysadmin experience a bit better and have a way of aliasing short 'public' database names to the file-system level database, it's quite a good RDBMS.

About a decade ago, I wrote a system of intermittently connected systems that would run independently and sync up to a central db, all using firebird (uuid custom type) and a few utilities that ran via C# (mono under suse). It worked surprisingly well for the purpose it was designed.

Firebird was definitely nice in terms of being able to utilize the same db from the local systems (embedded) to the centralized server (service mode). As you say, it could use some love, but some of that could be done via symlink and/or consistent structure (/var/firebird/db/*). I haven't even looked at it in a while, wonder how hard it would be to use with electron/node, may have to look.

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