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IIRC, according to the amateur radio rules as written by the FCC, you can use any encoding for amateur traffic, provided that it can be decoded using freely available software (by anybody who downloads the software, so don't be getting ideas about GPG), and QuakeWorld traffic most certainly can be. Although the fact that some of the datastream requires proprietary assets to be applied fully (player location, etc.), it may be a grey area, but I think it works. In which case, Xonotic, OpenArena, or Teeworlds would fit nicely. Although Xonotic uses the DarkPlaces network protocol, and I don't know how optimized for low speed the DP protocol is. Heck, for all I know, it's NetQuake derived.

It doesn't even need to be free (as in beer or speech) software... there are a number of popular proprietary protocols like DStar.

I kind of wish that weren't the case. At a minimum the protocol should be documented and unencumbered by patents.

Well, then, I'm in the clear. I guess I kind of have to do it now... we shall see...

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