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Not sure if this helps anyone and slightly OT, but reading all these people noticing their Tinnitus and thinking it was normal I had somewhat the opposite experience: I thought I had (weak) Tinnitus for a long time as I often heard some high-frequency whistling. Turns out it was gone once I unplugged all power supply units in the room... Especially the cheaper mobile phone chargers but also things like battery packs or laptop chargers can create quite loud high-pitched noise!

(Also, I once went to a doctor as a small child because I kept hearing this steady beat when trying to sleep. Well, when you hold a pillow to your ear, you can hear your own hearbeat...)

I guess you're a bit like me then. Every once in a while I'll be somewhere and think "this high pitched noise is terrible" because of some tv / chargers / other devices. They're usually quiet enough that moving a few meters away makes it silent again. But almost nobody else can hear it! They're the most annoying in random public spaces... there are at least two spots like that at Bristol airport.

Sometimes I'm almost excited about growing older and losing that range of hearing.

I also have this. I figured it wasn't tinnitus because of how people complain that tinnitus is super annoying and this isn't really.

Then I discovered it was from the electrical apparatus. I actually have to get quite isolated to not be able to hear anything though. Not that I especially try to, although I do tend to disconnect my power extenders before going to sleep, just in case.

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