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The vast majority of governments all over the world allow ham radio, and don't consider it a threat. (Every country except Yemen and North Korea allows it.) You can obtain a license, operate radios, and talk to people all over the world. Standards between countries align quite well, so that many of the same frequencies work across most jurisdictions. It's a model of international cooperation.

A large part of that comes because nobody can hide anything on amateur radio. You can't encrypt, you can't use ciphers or codes, you can't do anything to obscure your message.

If amateur radio allowed encryption, it wouldn't have the universal international acceptance that it does today.

>you can't use ciphers or codes

That can be distinguished as such, anyway. "Yes, Oleg. The hops are coming along nicely".

Yes, it's an important point. The charming case of Velvalee Dickinson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velvalee_Dickinson comes to mind.

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