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There are different levels of security. Some secret stuff is online and some classified stuff is online via SIPRNET. Precious little of the JWICS (top secret Internet) is connected to the "main" internet and where it is the access is pretty draconian. It has to be connected in some areas due to things mentioned my others throughout this thread. Even entirely airgapped systems aren't fully secure, see Iran's Natanz nuclear facility and Stuxnet as proof. Also, on the airgapped scada networks, all software tends to be woefully out of date. It is a hard problem to solve and throwing more money at it won't reply solve it.

As an example of what you mentioned, most of the TS/SCI dark fiber is at a minimum enclosed in pressurized pipes. When the pressure in any segment of those pipes drops below a threshold, armed goons come see what's going on in a hurry. I know this anecdotally as one of my cousins works on a construction crew near Ft Mead. His company's backhoe punctured one of those pressurized and unmarked pipes and they came in 10 minutes.

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