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Slightly off topic but I got tinnitus not from muscle tension but from loud noise. Carrying ear plugs seems to be the answer for me - blocking noise they recover gradually.

I've some hearing loss and ringing from frequent skydiving, tunnel flying, and too much loud music. It's very loud in the plane and in free fall.

After trying lots of different ear protection methods (mostly ear plugs but also some head phones), I've settled on these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00REAQTF4/ref=oh_aui_sear...

They're simple, filter high dB sound but you can still hear people speak.

See a doctor for further advice and treatment. Once you damage your hearing it could be too late to recover.

i got that from a concert once, lasted about 4 or 5 days I think. I also have a ringing in my head/ears that always go. not sure if its real or not, but i certainly have tension in my neck. maybe this article can help me with some answers

Is it off-topic when its another way to damage the auditory system?

I dont see many "scientists" measuring the damage caused by physical shocks to the body like playing rugby or loud noises which are often well above "health & safety" levels in towns & cities, like sections of the Northern line on the London underground, or using personal music playing devices and so on.

Probably best to consider tinnitus the result of damaged nerves which the brain will attempt to compensate for where possible, just like one's hearing improves at night to compensate for the loss of sight as a natural survival mechanism.

Take magnesium supplements daily, too. They can potentially inhibit some of the glutamate release involved in tinnitus.

Many sources supporting this can be found here:


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