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What's New in Swift [video] (developer.apple.com)
81 points by pjmlp on June 19, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

There’s also a very nice overview of implemented proposals for Swift 3 on GitHub:


The Swift evolution process is a very pleasant surprise for me.

There is a legend that someone who run Safari to watch videos from WWDC use it next as default browser

Apple also shares which macOS Sierra components have been ported to Swift.

For those not on iOS, Mac OS X or Android, the video can be watched via VLC.

For those who don't watch the video to know what components Apple has mentioned in the video to partially/fully rewritten to Swift:

* Many parts of Music app * Many parts of the Dock (rewrote Mission Control, accessibility features, etc) * Console App new features (e.g. logging) * Many OS Agents/Daemons * The new picture-in-picture feature in Sierra * Xcode features like the new documentation feature * New Playground app

Did swift gain 32 bit runtime support, or did the orphaned hardware models include the last of the 32 bit CPUs?

32-bit processors were dropped a while ago, by Mountain Lion if I remember correctly.

32 bit ARM has been supported from the start. As others have mentioned the 32bit Intel Macs do not support the latest OS versions anyway.

32 bit apps still run on macOS

Or click on the Resources tab, and the video's downloadable in HD or SD, along with the slides as a PDF.


Why Apple always have the need to complicate things? Sight...

Also available for via IE Edge on Windows.

Love the new API syntax. A lot clearer and less needless information.

The one issue I wish they would address is how there is no clean interop between the new java style number types: Float, Double, Int and the CoreGraphics CGFloat et al. Doing


Is not /terrible/ but it sure could be cleaner to just pass it in as is and let the compiler make the assumption. Especially since the backing numerical value stays the same.

Its mostly because CGFloat can be of different sizes (float or double) depending on architecture, so can be assumed to be neither a double nor a float exclusively.

The video is also available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmjlmn0jHbw

Is there a text form (e.g. TL;DR) of this somewhere? Maybe I'm the minority, but it's way easier for me to read text than to watch a video for anything programming-related.

It'll probably show up here soon: http://asciiwwdc.com/

In the meantime, the slides are available to download as PDF on Apple's site.

Because it is more complete in listing the changes, I'm not sure it fits the 'TL' part for you , but https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution has lists of

- Implemented proposals for Swift 3

- Accepted proposals which do not have a complete implementation

First needlessly killing often used features[1] seemed like a horrible polarizing 'python3' move. But then:

[1] for(c=0,c<l,c++) ...

is really syntax of the past.

I can't agree with C-style for loops being an "often used feature". I've been developing for iOS since 2008 and I've barely used them at all in that entire time, and never with Swift. Both Objective-C and Swift have better options available. The only time you really use C-style for loops is when you're writing C. If you want to write C, then write C. But if you're writing Swift, then write Swift – don't try to write C in Swift.

That is what other non C derived languages use while and repeat for.

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