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Why at all? Because Thiel is an investor in Palantir? I googled a bit to try and something that relates Gawker and Palantir beyond that.

"... in the next phase, you too will be subject to a dose of transparency. However philanthropic your intention, and careful the planning, the details of your involvement will be gruesome."


Having tried to avoid that entire story up until reading that, I remain pitiless for gawker's position in every way and I hope it burns to the ground.

Having had no idea what made thiel hate gawker so much, suddenly it all becomes clear.

Holding the rich to account. How very non politically correct and unjournalistic of them.

"Having had no idea what made thiel hate gawker so much"

How about when they publicly outed him as gay, when he wasn't out to most of the general public?

Source, but don't visit it, in case you give those parasites a couple of dimes in the process: http://gawker.com/335894/peter-thiel-is-totally-gay-people

The wonders of adblock, wasting bandwidth and power while contributing a total of absolutely nothing to the companies in which you despise.

Indeed, I am kind of surprised at how many in the press are backing Gawker, after Denton straight-up threatened to use the site (and presumably others) for further blackmail. It is crazy.

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