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wow. this looks very interesting. the web site says that it's beta. does anyone have experience / anecdotes about how solid it is? seems like it would be very useful.

also, what approach does it take to memory management and / or deciding who owns what? i'm just glancing at the paper now (should really be working) and the lack of emphasis on that seems worrying - suspect i am missing something?

[edit: replying to myself, the key phrase is "ownership"; see section 2.1: Ownership The management of object life cycles requires a clear policy of ownership and scope rules. In languages like C and C ++ where semantic by value prevails, the burden is put on the programmer’s shoulders. In languages like JAVA, C # and D where semantic by reference prevails, the burden is put on the garbage collector. In this domain, COS lets the developer choose between garbage collection (e.g. Boehm GC [25]) and manual reference counting with rich semantic (section 3.5).]

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