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Trustzone in itself is not closed though, and FAFAIK is not a separate engine. Trustzone is more like IOMMU on steroids, and runs on the main processor (it relies on hardware support to fence off system resources).

And i think the variant found on Qualcomm SOCs were recently cracked open.

If you mean CVE-2015-6639

The Widevine QSEE TrustZone application in Android 5.x before 5.1.1 LMY49F and 6.0 before 2016-01-01 allows attackers to gain privileges via a crafted application that leverages QSEECOM access, aka internal bug 24446875.

then it's not strictly TrustZone that have been cracked, but some software running within, already patched. TrustZone itself is a hardware mechanism, basically a new level above the usual user/kernel modes.

But sure, this hack reportedly gave possibility to run arbitrary code as "trusted" and mess up any other software running on the CPU, trusted or not.

I may have gotten it confused with something else. I think it said something about Qualcomm private keys having been extracted.

Seems to be the same event.


I don't know what those keys were and whether they were indeed "Qualcomm private" or per-device or something else. Google quite uselessly returns only news about this hack.

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