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I think this is time for AMD or IBM's POWER8/9 to step in. If anything a little good PR vis-a-vis the "rootkit nightmare waiting to happen in your server" would be nice.

Since 2013 AMD have it's own technology called "Platform Security Processor" (PSP) which is ARM TrustZone core running signed closed-source code. It's efficiently have all the same access ME have.

Of course any processor that have PSP support not going to work without PSP firmware.

See "The World Beyond x86" presentation for a presentation of alternatives, focusing on POWER8:



Thanks,that was a good presentation. Yap basically POWER for mid to high end and ARM for low to mid.

And it looks like AMD has its own equivalent of ME...

AMD have their counterpart, called Platform Security Processor (PSP)

see https://libreboot.org/faq/#amdpsp for more info.

If you don't need high-end single-thread performance, RISC-V will help.

Unfortunately, AMD follows all bad and destroying trust practices that were developed in Intel.

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