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> Visual Studio interprets the volatile keyword differently depending on the target architecture. ... For architectures other than ARM, if no /volatile compiler option is specified, the compiler performs as if /volatile:ms were specified; therefore, for architectures other than ARM we strongly recommend that you specify /volatile:iso, and use explicit synchronization primitives and compiler intrinsics when you are dealing with memory that is shared across threads.

> /volatile:ms

> Selects Microsoft extended volatile semantics, which add memory ordering guarantees beyond the ISO-standard C++ language. Acquire/release semantics are guaranteed on volatile accesses. However, this option also forces the compiler to generate hardware memory barriers, which might add significant overhead on ARM and other weak memory-ordering architectures. If the compiler targets any platform except ARM, this is default interpretation of volatile.

From https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/12a04hfd.aspx

Really, just don't use volatile.

I think I really need to read disassembler output of any code I compile with cl. Ugh.

I haven't seen it doing that on any of my code using volatile, mostly for CAS and fetch-and-add (lock xadd).

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