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That's the idea! I seem to remember that there are plans to build another detector in India. I'm not sure what its status is.


Note that the VIRGO detector, located near Pisa (Italy), has already taken a set of measurements a few years ago, and it would have been sensitive enough to detect waves like the one from last September. Unfortunately, Virgo was down for upgrades when GW150914 came. I recall that they plan to restart Virgo by early 2017, so it should be operational well before Ligo India. (And I like to underline that Ligo and Virgo joined together in the Ligo/Virgo collaboration and thus work together: as a matter of fact, the first guy who saw GW150914 in the raw data was from Virgo, and the papers presenting the detection were signed by people in both collaborations.)

Funding for its construction was approved by India. We are hoping that it might coming online in ~ 5 years. It takes a long time to build everything from the ground up.

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