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Tock – A secure OS for embedded platforms [pdf] (amitlevy.com)
5 points by nickpsecurity on June 15, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

One problem with embedded OS's are that they have to be designed for security from ground-up to achieve it. You need support for partitioning, resource control, prevention of user-land DOS of kernel, and so on. Getting that onto a MCU isn't easy. While Zephyr project was nice, it didn't have these attributes & didn't support MMU/MPU's. Glad I found this one! Also uses Rust internally to be safer but supports C in user-land. Working on C++ and Lua support.

Related papers below.

Ownership is Theft: Experiences building an embedded OS in Rust


Note to Rust team: I hope they submitted their findings to you all for evaluation. Part of reason for this submission is in case they didn't. Might provide helpful design or compiler feedback for language in this sector.

Github page for Tock for any wanting to help


Levy's page has numerous papers with interesting security tech. Includes key-value stores, covert channel mitigation, & Haskell web apps.


Great! Appreciate the feedback. I still have hopes for languages like SPARK and Rust in resource-constrained space to make up for lack of onboard resources for protection, preventative or reactive. Case studies like that can help the progress move along.

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