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AFAICT only storage is encrypted. They decrypt server side.

Do you suggest that Apple is blatantly lying in the article I just cited?


> All your iCloud content like your photos, contacts, and reminders is encrypted when sent and, in most cases, when stored on our servers. All traffic between any email app you use and our iCloud mail servers is encrypted. And our iCloud servers support encryption in transit with other email providers that support it.

> If we use third-party vendors to store your information, we encrypt it and never give them the keys. Apple retains the encryption keys in our own data centers, so you can back up, sync, and share your iCloud data. iCloud Keychain stores your passwords and credit card information in such a way that Apple cannot read or access them.

The End.

I always find it amusing when people downvote me for telling them Apple is doing what they admit to be doing.


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