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Seems to be a huge amount of speculative commentary, which is acknowledged, but to me, not a way that shows the potential variation in implementing DP.

For example, Apple could easily download all the data, do a DP on the impact of adding the data to the existing aggregate data, clean out indentiers, and add it to the database.

Key here is that Apple has all the data, then purges the indentiers from it, which is completely different than removing the indentifiers before sending to Apple. _______

(Apple:) "Hi, I'm Apple, Trust Me! Don't mind the black bag, I just likely being mysterious, it's cool, right?"

(Me:) "Umm, no, no thanks!" _________

Apple needs to let go of the whole security through secrecy ploy, since it looks more and more shady.

Imagine if security modules for devices where public and non-secure section of the devices had to be encapsulated for EmSec and tamper proof. If this was the case, security literally wouldn't be an issue; either everyone is impacted, or no is impacted.

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