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If Tim Cook wasn't part of a frequently and historically persecuted minority, I'd be more cynical too.

I don't see it as being cynical, just as being rational. People rarely have a single motivation for their actions, even if they may report a singly motivation if asked (possibly the primary reason, or the one they feel comfortable talking about). I don't see why this would be any different for a corporation, generally being made up of many people.

Like I said, there's nothing wrong with this. We just need to be sure we don't fall into the trap of thinking we can take what is presented at face value as the whole story, just as you can't when dealing with individuals much of the time. Apple is not our trusted old friend, that will look out for our best interests. They are at best an acquaintance that we have a business relationship with. That doesn't mean they won't act in a manner we appreciate, but it does mean we should not assume they will act as a good friend.

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