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Could you elaborate a bit more on why you chose Rust, and why you think it was the right choice for this project?

Sure. Habitat's supervisor is a very low-level thing - it manages the lifecycle of your service, participates in the gossip ring, etc. That means a failure at runtime of the supervisor is pretty unacceptable, and similarly, you don't want anything (like a long GC pause, for example) to get in the way of the supervisor doing what it needs to do.

Rust gives us 3 things we needed, and it says so right on the website: fast, no segfaults, thread safety. Additionally, it's community is top notch. We've found the language to be great to work with, especially when you're refactoring. The type system makes it clear where it's possible for the code to fail, making it easier for us to reason about keeping the supervisor safe.

I wrote this while I was evaluating languages for the early habitat prototypes: https://medium.com/@adamhjk/rust-and-go-e18d511fbd95#.d35imt...

Best, Adam

On the heels of this, I've been exploring Rust a bit lately but haven't been able to find any solid patterns / style guides for idiomatic Rust. Do any such resources exist? For example, the official rust book describes Arc, Mutex, etc but.. Are there more of these in the standard library? What purpose do they serve? What are some good idioms to apply when using them? I can surely make them work, but maybe I should be using some other thing?

You might want to join users.rust-lang.org.

Like most languages idiom is learned while working with the language. Something I've found for instance is to try and use Iterators to get around sharing rules as they can encapsulate sharing patterns in a lot of cases.

The specific modules you mentioned are for multi-thread support, those are only necessary for sharing memory between threads.

Anyway, I think this is off-topic for this thread.

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