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That Apple doesn't do quality anymore? For Mac OS, system bugs are increasing release after release, kernel panics were introduced in Mavericks and didn't go away with El Capitan even though it was supposed to be a bugfix-centric release. I also have deactivated upgrades.

If you are scared of updates breaking stuff, Linux is not the best choice either.

Updates to OS regularly breaks graphics and Wi-Fi drivers for me; after every second update I have to solve "why is everything black" and "why are all videos green".

Of all the things I disliked on OS X when I moved to Linux, instability with updates is even worse here.

This depends a lot on which distribution you go with.

Gentoo is notorious for regularly breaking things. Debian has a reputation for constantly being two years out of date because because of their QA process.

Ubuntu is somewhere in between, though lately it has been leaning towards the "Let's change everything every six months!" end of the spectrum. You can mitigate this a bit by sticking to their LTS releases, though. (This is what I'm doing currently.)

Yeah, I am at ubuntu, since that seemed like the easiest distro to get started, but now I am afraid of switching and setting up all the graphic drivers again. (and working around bugs in Network Manager again. Come on guys, it's software with which people connect to Internet, why is so important thing so buggy.)

Just stick with Ubuntu LTS releases.

I barely see the difference with newer releases anyway, most of the innovation I care is on the web or in high-level applications that run on LTS.

Are you sure this isn't a hardware problem? I've been running El Capitan on really quite unsupported hardware (Skylake K6700 / Samsung 950 Pro SSD) and haven't had a single kernel panic – nor on the Macbook Pro.

Also if you're looking for quality (opposed to freedom or configurability) Linux on the Desktop really doesn't fit. I adore it on the server, but there isn't a distribution/hardware combination where essentials sleep/wifi/graphics/sound work out of the box. UI inconsistencies are a constant annoyance, dist-updates will always break something etc. It's not an indictment of Linux, it's just that GUIs are terribly hard to get right.

I'm absolutely certain it isn't hardware: It started to happen the same week I upgraded to Mavericks. Besides, it's a Macbook Pro 2013. I had noticed several comments on HN about kernel panics in Mavericks, I didn't want to give them credit when I upgraded.

As you note: I reckon Linux isn't much better. I switched to Mac when Ubuntu dropped a bugfix for Ethernet encryption in 13.04 which prevented me from working for my employer (and reduced mouse controls in the UI since 12.04).

I'd pay $200/yr for a maintained OS.

For whatever it's worth, El Capitan hasn't been any worse than previous versions of OS X that I've used over the past 6 years.

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