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All these accusations of trolling and astroturfing are completely off topic. If anyone is trying to derail the discussion here, it's you.

it seems like a lot of people here are in a feedback loop, only upvoting / listening to what they think fits. Everyone's quick to believe they know it all, when in fact that is the very issue the arguments are about.

I get why you used a throw away. I'm not against civil discussions, I just hate when people don't use logic and take all evidence with a grain of salt. I don't for a second doubt parts of the govt. are hiding valid evidence for the conversation any more than the media is lying to sell their narrative too. Bottom line is the media has the upperhand, they can make baseless claims and choose what to say knowing damn well that the Govt. can't refute it.

There's nothing wrong with throwaway accounts or opposing views; both are perfectly welcome.

What's problematic is when there's two throwaway accounts created at the same time, replying to one another in agreement, using the same writing style, and advancing same the narrative that's worded as if it's straight out of a public relations office.

HN has seen at least one NSA employee and one American intelligence community member posting in the wake of Snowden, and both were overwhelmingly treated with respect by the community despite their views. I myself often express views here that are staunchly anti-Snowden in nature.

The throwaway accounts you're defending received such hostility because they were perceived as being insincere due to their suspicious posting behavior. It was not due to their views or opinions.

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