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It is frustrating as I call it schrodinger's terrorist, why, well, say everybody is in a box.

now you do not know if that person in a box is a terrorist or not and by terrorist, a bad person who will impact others right to life.

So not knowing you can only tell if you look in a box, well if they are not and you look you are lambasted, if you look and they are then your just doing your job.

Now from a PR perspective, it gets down to let us not look as if they are not we get lots of people upset at us, and bad media more so if we get it right.

Which is fine but with one cavet, if you do not look and they are a terrorist then that box can go off and take out all the boxes around it.

So I call it schrodingers terrorist in a box and with that, you see the perspective more clearly.

That is why they look, and yes for those who are not terrorists/bad people it can be intrusive, but most if not all will not even know they are looking. Though many presume the worst and equally it is that mentality of the populous that also carries on in the security services and mentality of presume the worst, hence they look.

But this argument ignores the original probability of a random person being a terrorist. It is a gross violation of the trust necessary to maintain a republic.

And further arguing that it's okay because most people won't know they were violated is like saying a plastic surgeon is justified in violating every unconscious patient in surgery just in case they would have wanted it anyway. Not a good direction for society to go.

The apologists are out in full force on this thread.

It does not ignore the probability at all as that is what the boxes are unopened, so your wrong.

I'm not arguing its ok, I'm stating the situation. your plastic surgeon analogy does not map onto this problem and bit strawman in posture.

As for you labeling people apologists for wanting to discuss a situation clearly indicates a bias in perspective and step back and look at both sides of the problem.

There is no cookie cutter solution to this, and it requires a balance, otherwise you might as well scrap all security services as you are effectively replacing them with police who equally would not be allowed to do any form of surveillance or anything that might possibly entail the potential that they are looking into innocent people. You see the problem now.

So please, look at the problem from all sides, don't just dismiss and label, as we have facebook for such level of discussion.

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