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Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux (egghead.io)
58 points by aleem on June 12, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Dan's videos are a fantastic introduction to Redux, and the Redux docs are extremely well written as well. For those looking for additional resources, I keep a big list of high-quality React and Redux tutorials and articles over at https://github.com/markerikson/react-redux-links. Specifically intended to be a great starting point for someone trying to learn the ecosystem. I've also added articles on a number of advanced and related topics as well (Functional Programming concepts in plain English, React performance tips, Webpack tutorials, etc).

Dan's original Redux videos are one of the finest tutorials I have seen. While the underlying concept is also simple and intuitive, after 100 mins of video, you get a very indepth understanding of th arch, problems it solves and how to use it in real life. Awesome

The React community is very lucky to have Dan as a member and "thought leader". Extremely humble, responsive, helpful, and a fine teacher!

Couldn't agree with this more. I wrote a blog post about my frustrations with Redux and he took the time to not only respond to my post but spent an hour with me on Skype helping me figure out the issues with my application. Really awesome guy.

Indeed, owe everything to this guy. _The value of thinking clearly_.

Thanks for these, I look forward to them especially if they are a similar quality to the previous introduction to redux videos.

And this for me is perfect timing, I'm about to lead a team into a react/redux front-end project.

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