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If you're reading this @WilliamStein, firstly, kudos for the whole effort. I think the providing Sage as cloud math software is a powerful strategy, especially with the trend of end users preferring low power devices.

I have some thoughts regarding the comment on Slide15 (making Sage good for some applications): I see that python and Jupyter are very popular for machine learning and allied computations. Can SAGE leverage this to provide a service that a large audience would happily pay for -- and then use that to bootstrap a full fledged mathematical software? (Also, on that note, is there any coherence between the leaders of Sage and Jupyter?)

I'm reading this. The business model of the company is basically exactly what you're suggesting. Yes, there is very strong coherence between the leaders of Sage and Jupyter. (The founder of Jupyter is just to the right near the back in the picture of Sage Days 1 in slide 16...)

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