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Wow, no one here has mentioned Johanna Rutkovska's (Invisible Things Lab & QubesOS), "Intel x86 Considered Harmful"?

http://blog.invisiblethings.org/papers/2015/x86_harmful.pdf http://blog.invisiblethings.org/2015/10/27/x86_harmful.html

Essential reading!!


Joanna is a hero.

Also, I would give anything for a clean slate design that prioritized simplicity and transparency.

We've been layering complicated crap under and on top of older complicated crap for so long that even professional engineers no longer understand exactly what happens when you push the power button.

As long as that is true, we will never be secure.

Totally agree. She's brilliant. Deepest respect to her.

One of the extremely few people with genuine understanding of hardware security, who's working on the side of users & humanity.

The first time I read her work, I was floored that I hadn't known of her earlier.

Seriously, watch this ^. It's pretty much the canonical coverage of the topic.

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