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I agree 100%. Still, one group (single moms) is generally despised by them, and the other is favored.

> generally despised by them

That's a ridiculous statement. My church (both as an organization and the people in it) gives tons of money to single moms for everything from subsistence to fully paid Disneyland vacations. We run a volunteer group that does things like yard work, handyman work, and moving for single moms. The most visible charity outside a church in my city is for single moms. There are single moms who work in important positions at my church. The bible specifically points out on many occasions that those who follow Christ should show love and compassion to people such as single moms as Christ would.

The politically-correct sympathetic "single mom" is referring to widows and abandoned women, not a pregnant single woman.

Exactly. Republicans do not have a problem with single women per se, only unchecked promiscuity out of wedlock.

Not despised. I think they're likely sympathetic to their plight, at least on the surface.

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