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> These problems are not a creation of police. These are created by good people like us who do not empathize with criminals, minorities and other groups which by default consider "less human".

I agree that the problem is considering others as "less human" but I wouldn't exclude the police from that!

I understand your sentiment. But I think as a society we have allowed the legal system to evolve in a way that only Bullies will become and thrive as cops and narcissist jerks will become public prosecutors. They are problem but they are more of a side-effect of we not standing up for other people's liberty.

Some of us think there are good people, who have rights, and bad people, who deserve to have rights taken from them.

Some of us think there are people with power we need to impress and then there are people without power we can take from them whatever we want.

Some of us think we are all human beings and everyone deserves to be a part of society, to be seen as human beings with human wants, needs and human emotions, even when they do things that harm other people. And whether they even do that, is not for us to judge.

The first group needed people who were willing to take things from the bad guys, and picked the second group as police and prosecutors.

That's how we're in this situation today.

Your child ask you if they can go to your donald-trump-loving-women-should-stay-in-kitchen neighbour's house to play with friends. Do you:

1. Change your child's school so they don't mix with the 'wrong sort'. You're afraid what your social circle think if your children mix with children of people like that.

2. Your neighbours are racists and sexists. Petition their kids to be kicked out from your kids' school. They don't deserve an education.

3. Let your child go play with them, then if your child has a positive experience, let him go again next time. If not, protect the child from the consequences of not going next time.

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