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I'm not arguing for no namespaces, much the opposite. I'm arguing that the whole way most languages implement modules is fairly haphazard, and that that leads to this problem. If you review the link I included previously, you can see some examples of how you could definitively specify a particular module version. E.g.

    use OldDog:name<Dog>:auth<cpan:JRANDOM>:ver<1.2.1>;
This would use Dog from the CPAN repository, author JRANDOM, and version 1.2.1, and namespace it as OldDog. You could also just "use Dog;" to use the canonical Dog package from the canonical sources (in order). If we could just point our package manager at this source code and it could determine "Hmm, you have a Dog module of that version, but not that author and repo, and you have a Dog module from that repo and author but not that version. Looks like we need to install it." that would leave us in a much better place, both for code using definitive versions of packages, and admins/programmers installing packages and making sure they get the right one, if it's been defined.

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