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The main problem is when you really did mean to search for the typo term. There's no inherent problem in two packages having similar names.

Consider the following:

requests - a python package for making HTTP requests. requestr - a python package for a fictional startup that allows you to send requests to your nearest and dearest.

Given they both could be typos of each other:

1) How do we determine which one to use? What if someone accidentally also tries "requestd", somewhere between the two ?

2) How do we apply the principle of least surprise - I asked to install requests, and everything installed just fine, but now I can't import it?!

    $ pip install requestr

    Package "requestr": did you mean "requests"? [Y/n]
    (reason for this warning: similar spelling and requests is much more popular)

    Pass --no-spell-warnings to disable this feature.

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