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Why is the Widevine support they're adding limited to Windows and OS X? It's supported by Chrome in Linux.

Of course, HTML5 video is supposed to make video on the web more standard and easily available, but DRM means you need every CDM to support both your browser and OS...

Why is Firefox adding CDM support at all? Do they not care about the security and well-being of their users? Or do they think that somehow making ideological compromises will further their proclaimed goals of respecting and helping users of the Web?

The whole point of CDMs is to prevent users from doing things (e.g. taking screenshots or clips of videos for fair use, or backing them up, or pirating wholesale). You can't claim that this is empowering users.

Any effective CDM implementation requires a media company having final control over the user's computer (or a nested computer as provided by TrustZone or SGX). This is not compatible with user freedom or security.

This seems like the opposite of what Mozilla is supposed to be working for. If Mozilla can't exist without market share, and they can only have market share by giving up on user freedom, then simple modus ponens tells us that Mozilla can't exist. If this is the case, those interested in continuing to pursue the goals of empowering typical computer users should look into some form of praxis more effective than developing a Web browser.

I dunno, maybe they like their users to be able to play content on the web? People NOT being able to do that on Firefox would just speed up the conversations to Chrome. You know you can turn any CDM module off right?

We're working on it. We have the code to host Widevine on Linux and are endeavoring to get the Linux side enabled in the future.

Great to hear. I'm on 32bit Ubuntu where Chrome isn't updated anymore, so I am eagerly waiting for this ;) Do you have a bugzilla URL so I can follow progress?

I guess it's https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1265235 Correct me if I'm wrong.

You answered your own question, Linux Firefox doesn't have a CDM available for MP4 like Windows and OS X.

Google's Widevine CDM works fine on Linux. Google's Chrome browsers uses it. Even if it doesn't work with MP4 (not sure if this is actually the case) why not include it for other video formats that are supported?

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