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I use systemd on all the servers I manage, out of choice. I refuse to set up non-systemd server-setups any more - it is just so vastly more pleasant to work with than the alternatives.

But it's not "taking over" anything at all. People choose to use these components.

And yes, it was and is broken. With respect to specifically DNS, have you tested the various documented options for resolv.conf, for example, and confirmed what your resolver actually does?

I have, and on several different systems with different distros, what I found was that none of them behaved as documented. DNS resolution on most Linux distros is badly deficient, which is one of the reasons so many applications pull in their own resolver libraries, and one of the reasons so some distributions end up e.g. running local Dnsmasq instances to farm out the actual resolution to something that's easier to get to behave in sane ways.

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