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> At the end of the day it has nothing to do with the technical merits of systemd and everything to do with how much power RH has to steamroll whatever solutions they want through.

RedHat is a premium member of our community that has a well earned reputation which makes whatever they do get noticed. Why are they to be the focus of a witch hunt like if they were MicroSoft of the Steve Ballmer era?

If these things didn't solve problem they wouldn't get used period. RedHat being an evil member of Linux seems almost comical. Linux has won the war and yes RedHat has been a key member in winning the technology war. I fail to see how all distros who can do whatever they want continue to chosen RedHat solutions over and over again? They make developers lives better and arguably Linux better.

Canonical on the other hand continues to be a Linux community member that tries to compete with everyone else and doesn't contribute upstream as much as everyone else. I say it is good news now we can have less wasted work on different solutions. Why hasn't Canonical's projects caught on? They don't work as well or seen to not work as well as other solutions. Unity anyone?

PulseAudio has been a HUGE success that so many talk down due to the rocky start of the project and the personality of the developer (Who also created SystemD) Audio in Linux was a huge mess prior to Pulse Audio.

KVM - is the best virtual system bar none.

lvm - I don't really need to defend this project?

selinux - This was started by the NSA not RedHat

I never said they were evil. You misconstrue what I am saying.

I am just saying if RH wants something to become the dominant solution it will be, regardless. Doesn't matter if they started the project, or acquired it, or if they just think it's a good idea, or maybe it's just something a subset of their clients want (i.e selinux).

It's not about competition either. Canonical is a terrible example. They are tiny compared to RH in terms of presence in the community. Their efforts are basically safe to ignore because they are downstream of everyone else.

The issue at hand is just how much of the upstream that RH has a stranglehold on.

As I said. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad but even if it's mostly good it doesn't mean that it's not happening.

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