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systemd is many things. It's a sensible init system, better in some ways than upstart and lightyears ahead of SysV init. Its native support for confining daemons' process tree using cgroups is generally a good idea.

But it's also a load of unrelated utilities like this one. Unfortunately if you get systemd as an init system, you generally get all this other stuff (unless you take steps to remove them, which in some cases is simple and in others is painful).

Some of these utilities might be a good idea, but they should be separate projects, not bundled.

As a daemontools fan, I'm frustrated that something in the daemontools family never became popular (process supervision, be it daemontools, upstart, systemd, etc. makes managing services so much nicer). But I do recognize the utility of using cgroups as part of this. Is there, or could there be, a "do one thing" utility that can launch a process in its own cgroup, such that it would fit in nicely in a daemontools-style run script?

There indeed could be. (-:

Hey, presto!

    jdebp % cat /var/sv/epmd/service/run
    #Run file generated from services/epmd.service
    #Erlang Port Mapper service
    move-to-control-group epmd.service
    setuidgid rabbitmq
    jdebp %

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