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How else would you send the data to dbus? dbus is xml-based.

This is caused by resolved requiring a separate forwarder. "XML" isn't inherently bad.

> dbus is xml-based.

No, it's not: https://dbus.freedesktop.org/doc/dbus-specification.html

> "XML" isn't inherently bad.

Yes, it is (well, as a data format; as a markup language it's ugly but serviceable). XML is incredibly verbose, arcanely complex and a colossal time-sink of man-hours which could have been spent on pretty much anything else in computing. It's the JavaScript of data formats (which is amusing, since JavaScript's data format JSON is actually not half bad).

> dbus is xml-based

"D-Bus is low-overhead because it uses a binary protocol, and does not have to convert to and from a text format such as XML." https://dbus.freedesktop.org/doc/dbus-specification.html

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