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Because scope creep means more and more packages have systemd as a hard dependency.

And that is not a coincidence

> Well, it is definitely our intention to gently push the distributions in the same direction so that they stop supporting deviating solutions for these things where there's really no point at all in doing so.

> Due to that our plan is to enable all this by default in "make install". Packagers may then choose to disable it by doing an "rm" after the "make install", but we want to put the burden on the packagers, so that eventually we end up with the same base system on all distributions, and we put an end to senseless configuration differences between the distros for the really basic stuff.

> If a distro decides that for example the random seed save/restore is not good enough for it, then it's their own job to disable ours and plug in their own instead. Sooner or later they'll hopefully notice that it's not worth it and cross-distro unification is worth more.


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