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Red Hat's marketing muscle to "embrace and extend".

How does this argument even make sense? Since when are Debian developers or Arch linux developers overly concerned with Red Hat marketing muscle?

RedHat controls development of other important Linux subsystems and introduced hard dependencies on systemd.

I don't understand why you are getting downvoted.

The absorption of udev and basically forced dependency on systemd from important desktop environment projects also controlled by RH is a very real reason why this happened.

Nothing prevented people from forking udev if they didn't want to take systemd.

Forks and alternative /dev managers have to contend with GregKH and Sievers though...


Thanks for the great read. mdev is indeed nice alternative to udev monstruosity. It is somewhat supported in Gentoo https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Mdev

This might or might not be true. I would be inclined to agree more with it if the evidence from other distribution highlighted this argument.

I don't see Debian or Arch developers making that argument.

Are they hiding how much pressure from Red Hat they feel? Unlikely. Linux developers are happy to blog, tweet, and post to mailing lists about large and small things, but somehow a concerted push by a corporation makes them fall silent and accept SystemD?

I think it is pressure in the overt sense.

It is rather that RH can throw dollars and thus coder man hours at a problem while most other distros have to make do with volunteers (or can't field the amounts RH can).

Then again, there is a certain email from Poettering thats of interest.


An analogy with Google PlayServices is inevitable.

> "Google's strategy is clear. Play Services has system-level powers, but it's updatable. It's part of the Google apps package, so it's not open source. OEMs are not allowed to modify it, making it completely under Google's control. Play Services basically acts as a shim between the normal apps and the installed Android OS. Right now Play Services handles the Google Maps API, Google Account syncing, remote wipe, push messages, the Play Games back end, and many other duties. If you ever question the power of Google Play Services, try disabling it. Nearly every Google App on your device will break."


Those things all happened, it's just been going on subtly over a period of years. A search for Gnome and systemd on HN should turn up some of the earlier complaints. The *BSD developers certainly made some noise.

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