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I don't know about other distros but let me remind you that ubuntu sometime ago switched from gnome desktop to Unity despite all the cries that the latter is just horrible.

If you do not like unity, you can just use ubuntu-gnome like me. IMHO, Unity is horrible, but you have the choice to not use it. There is no need to complain.

Criticism does not equal complain. If I find something horrible I'll say so - that's feedback. By your way of thinking, since I don't have to use brainfuck (an intentionally horrible language) I should not mention that it is horrible. You just don't make sense other than patting youself on the back for being 'positive' downvoting the grumpy ones while letting bad ideas forward.

But you can still run gnome on Ubuntu (I do), and Linux without a graphical interface at all.

True. Or you can switch to Mint. The think with systemd though is that you don't have this option anymore. Regardless of how bad idea you think it is - you are stuck with it (as it seems). I think that's on the core of arguments against it.

Without "Desktop Environment", not without graphical interface.

Huh? When did a console become a graphical interface?

Not a console. X Window System and window manager.

And? I don't see Canonical hog tying their DE to user space internals such that everyone else had to fork it or adopt it.

Why are people constantly trying to demonize Canonical?

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