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RF Technology Pty. Ltd | Sydney, Australia (Thornleigh) | ONSITE

RFT does software defined radio, in the range DC-1GHz, up to 100+ Watts, with an emphasis on private networks for public safety and other critical systems. We are a "hard core" engineering company, doing our own hardware design and manufacturing, and all software from the antenna to the IP packet and back. We distribute and OEM base stations, PAs and other components around the world.

We're looking for an RF engineer, the following attributes being desirable:

* an experienced expert in receivers and power amplifiers, design and manufacturing

* experience with narrow band radio in voice mode (ie. very low phase noise, high intermodulation rejection)

* experience with digital radio communications.

* knows DSP, communications and information theory, as they relate to radio receivers and transmitters.

* knows how to code, but doesn't need to be an expert.

If the perfect candidate came along, we would also consider a second position with the following attributes

* DSP guru (with an emphasis on communications)

* Knows communications and information theory

* Good experience with programming DSPs and FPGAs

* Working knowledge of electronic design

Please email jobs@rftechnology.com.au

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