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Ask YC: What's apps.ycombinator.com? (ycombinator.com)
35 points by andreyf 2508 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

Another name for news, left over from a time when news had so few users that it would have seemed odd to use news urls for people applying to YC.

I thought it was a HN app marketplace.

I guess, I would really, really like to have that.

I'd really like a generic app store backend/framework that I can drop on a server and with a little glue code use it to serve apps to whatever platform I want (desktop, mobile, web-enabled TV...). In other words, it would be cool to commoditize the app store concept, like OSes and frameworks are now. I could use it for my current project, or maybe I'll make such a system if I can't find one and/or my current project proves infeasible.

thanks for clearing that up!

Once you're accepted, you can access entrees.ycombinator.com. Then you're just one IPO or acquisition away from dessert.ycombinator.com.

I found the desert too dry, though.

Fixed! Thanks.

/me quickly searches for ramen.ycombinator.com

It's a handy to get around the noprocrast filter

Perhaps posts by people who submitted YC applications?

Dont think so, both indexes look the same

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