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Grio - http://grio.com/ | San Francisco, CA | Full-time & Contract

Grio is a premier consulting agency comprised of top notch software developers and designers. We've been around for over 8 years and we're all about quality software, doing the right thing for our clients, and maintaining a quirky, tight community that knows how to have fun. We work on both web (RoR, Node, Java on the backend, Angular and React on the frontend), and mobile (iOS and Android) projects. The Grio office is located on 2nd and Howard in SOMA. It's a very nice space.

All listed positions: http://grio.com/jobs-internships-careers.html

For any position, email your resume+github to jobs@grio.com and mention the position in the subject. Mention HN thread somewhere in the body.

* Apprentice Web Developer: http://grio.com/apprentice-developer.html

* Mid and Senior Software Engineer (iOS): http://grio.com/ios-software-engineer.html

* Senior Software Engineer (Web): not listed on our jobs page, email us!

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