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AT&T | Plano, TX (Dallas, DFW, Texas) | Full-time | Onsite

With the acquisition of DIRECTV, AT&T is now the largest paid-TV provider in the US and also in the world. Content Analytics at AT&T Big Data examines video viewership patterns to derive valuable insights and drive smart business decisions across AT&T.

We are searching for a Data Engineer/Software Engineer and a Data Scientist.

Software Engineer: http://connect.att.jobs/plano/it_engineering_technology/jobi...

Keywords: data wrangling, Pig, Hive, Hadoop, MapReduce, Scala, Java, Spark

Data Scientist: http://connect.att.jobs/plano/it_engineering_technology/jobi...

Keywords: machine learning, data mining, predictive modeling, statistical analysis, R, Python

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