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Engineer | https://casestack.io/ | Fayetteville, Arkansas (AR) | Full time, Interns, ONSITE | Salary: very competitive

Cloud Services is a new division within CaseStack that purely focuses on building great software, specifically in the supply-chain industry. We also have built many awesome dev-tools that we are planning on open-sourcing along the way.

Some relevant info:

- Everything is a micro-service, we have 60+ repos and 7 engineers

- Many technologies: JavaScript (Node.js, Typescript, Angular, React, vuejs), Python, Go, Lua, Java

- Solid infrastructure: Kubernetes on AWS, Docker Cloud, docker

Interview process: 1) informal lunch or a phone call, 2) 3-4 hours of onsite interview

Please send a resume or portfolio to kanat at casestack.io

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