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Las Vegas, NV | Jr. Network Engineer / Systems Engineer | MacStadium/Macminicolo | Full-time, ONSITE

You will be working with the operations team at MacStadium/Macminicolo on a variety of server and network hardware in a Service Provider / IAAS / Data center & Hosting environment. You will also support customers as a Tier 2 engineer where more advanced incidents are escalated.

Prior job experience is not required (but you definitely need the skills), so perhaps if you are a student looking for a flexible position to get some real experience - in many areas, this might be a great opportunity for you.


Las Vegas, NV | Data Center Technical Agent | MacStadium/Macminicolo | Full-time, ONSITE

You will be working with the Operations and Customer care team at MacStadium/Macminicolo in a Service Provider / IAAS / data center & Hosting environment. In this role, your primary responsibility is hands on support of incoming Customer issues and inquiries as a Tier 1 technical liaison.


Duties, responsibilities, compensation, hours, and required skills listed at https://macminicolo.net/joinus.

It is our intent to identify long term and committed team members who can grow with the organization.

If you think you fit one of the jobs above, please send a resume and a little about yourself to joinus@macminicolo.net

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