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Pursuant | http://www.pursuant.com/ | Dallas, TX | ONSITE or REMOTE

Pursuant was founded with a single goal: to help nonprofits reach more donors and raise more money. Today, we do that by liberating nonprofit leaders through actionable data, marketing automation, and productivity tools that empower them to reach more donors and raise more dollars.

We are a small but established company and are hiring both junior and senior developer positions. You will become part of a small but growing team building our next generation fundraising platform for non-profits based on decades worth of experience from industry leaders. Learn more and apply online at http://www.pursuant.com/about-us/careers/

Have questions? Please email jordan.bach [at] pursuant dotcom


I've looked at the Junior Developer position, not sure if it's me but the requirements are quite... something. http://www.pursuant.com/about-us/careers/junior-software-dev...

- Effectively manages deadlines and deliverables - Accurately estimates timelines for projects - Write clear, comprehensive test cases for QA - 5+ years working with C based language, PHP preferred (plausible)

I'm not sure how a junior would accurately estimate timelines, but it's really off-putting looking, plus comparing it to the senior one doesn't make it any better, seems the same thing with two or three additional requirements.

Yeah, definitely. They're hoping to pay a senior developer a junior's salary.

I wouldn't hire a dev who's still a junior after 5 years of using a technology

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