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PricewaterhouseCoopers, Risk Assurance | Tampa, FL | Full Time | Onsite No recruiters or agencies please.

We're a small shop in a giant firm trying to build software to transform the way auditing occurs. Our stack is Scala, Play, ElasticSearch, Apache UIMA/Ruta (although we're writing our own pattern matching language and trying to phase out UIMA), HDFS, React/Redux (although our UI lead says she's doing the next project in Angular). Our first project has been automating term extraction from lease agreements. The next projects might be analyzing police body cam footage, or fraud detection on big banks.

We're at eight, hiring two more engineers. Java/scala enterprise experience preferred, but rest assured our codebase doesn't have any abstract factories in it. We're looking for senior level devs. Think 3 years experience minimum.


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